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Carrying Systems


The basis of the Banbury Brick & Stone Slip System is the specially profiled EPS to suit whatever brick or stone size required. Create-a-Clad is fixed directly onto the existing substrate. By using specialist fasteners of the appropriate length to give a suitable penetration into all types of substrate.

Our unique profiling of the EPS creates a natural course and joint width, which enables the installer to achieve perfectly level courses. Brick slips are bedded in with a strong adhesive and pointed using mortar.

The boards are supplied in 1200mm x 600mm sheets and can vary in thickness to suit a required U value. The thinnest we can manufacture is 30mm. The system includes for adhesive for fixing both the panels to the substrate and the brick slips to the panels, anchor fixings for fixing the panels to the substrate.


Infatec is an insulating panel incorporating specially profiled horizontal guides onto which the slips are attached. The grooved system provides a perfect anchor point for the adhesive making it ideal for all building types. Infatec comes with a BBA approval.

Growing at a rapid pace of technological progress and changes taking place in the sector related to thermal insulation and thermal efficiency of external walls are forcing manufacturers to constantly improve and develop their products. The last stage of this process is to create a coherent and integrated system. The essence of the system approach is the awareness that "everything depends on everything", ie the system to function properly, it is necessary that, each part was perfect in every detail and meet the most stringent quality standards.

  • Shaped horizontal mounting rails adapted to the dimensions size fittings facilitate bonding klinker and provide aesthetic performance.
  • Cascade formed plane peripheral boards allow you to connect to the plant , easy installation and eliminates thermal bridging at the edges of the contact.
  • The female system perimeter on the back plane of the board increases the bonding surface plate to the wall and wicks moisture.
  • The female system diamonds on the front of the plane of the plate increases the surface bonding clinker.
  • Shaped niches mechanical fasteners connectors simplify installation and eliminate immersing himself clinker.