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GRP Dormers

GRP has fast become the prefered method of manufacture. Our Dormer roofs make the whole process of completing the installation as seamless and time efficient as possible. As well as creating extra room in any given space where it is installed, a dormer window can also allow more light to flood into a room, creating an open, airy feel! Additionally our dormers are insulated with foam and the units allow you to close off open roof spaces quickly!

To ensure that each dormer perfectly suits your particular needs they are tailor-made to fit your individual requirements. We can match any design and have a range of styles that will tie in perfectly ith your desired look.

Alternatively design, using dormers made from existing moulds and save £1,000's avoiding the need for us to make a new mould. We will always offer a special price for these products.

Cost Efficient

Manufactured in either general purpose class 3 rating or to class 0 fire retardant of BS476. A variety of surface textures can be manufactured and an unlimited colour range available. GRP dormers can be insulated with foam or encapsulated timber studding which enables the builder to self insulate and fix internal lining.

Time Saving

Because of the ease of installation and lightweight nature, fibreglass has become the preferred material by many architects and builders for the installation of dormer units. Dormer Units can be manufactured with full roofs in tile or supplied open roofed for the customer to truss and tile, we also offer lead effect roofs.

Architects Lounge

Our range of over 68 domer window units can transform any project in a highly cost effective way.


GRP Dormers allow you to close off open roof spaces quickly, which is always an advantage in our wet climate. No matter if you require one dormer or fifty our price will be cost effective for your project!