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Cornice Mouldings

A cornice is a projecting moulding along the top of a building, usually as a decorative eaves feature. Our Elasticoat cornice adds distinctive style to any property, although it is predominantly featured on more substantial buildings.

Elasticoat mouldings can be produced in unique sizes, without any tooling costs. Customers looking for unusual width mouldings, or needing an additional styling feature will be able to incorporate this without extended lead-times or incurring unrealistic pattern and mould costs.

Colours & Styles.

Choose between a stone colour to match a traditional look or any RAL colour reference can be matched. If you have a specific stone colour that our "standard" range doesnt show please contact us and we will be able to supply you with our nearest match bespoke for your project at no extra cost.

Choose from our design range below or drop us a email to with your requirements.