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Alternative to Cast Stone Lancashire

As part of their innovation they required to find an alternative to traditional cast stone materials which had proved a continual problem on site over the years, the very nature of cast stone is heavy and difficult to handle and fix. Cast stone often needs remedial work before the homes are sold and lifting gear to install especially with the new health and safety requirements of the industry! So despite the base materials being cheap this is no longer cost effective but expensive and time consuming to use..

Banbury Innovations provided a suitable solution to this problem introducing technology first established in Canada and the U.S. more than 40 years ago. We have developed an alternative building material which enables the house builder to maintain the look of cast stone so desired by the public. Yet allows the builder to fix easily, install at the end of the build program, handle very easily, replicate both cast stone and GRP materials, low maintenance and is manufactured without the need for moulds reducing lead times, avoiding delays on site, saving time and money as well as matching the stone look throughout the site.

The picture shown shows a before and after solution to a stone arch which was fitted in a day by site personnel, our staff will work alongside the site people if required but, it is very easy to fix and full fixing instructions and drawings are provided. Stone coast can also be used on cills, heads, string courses, keystones, cornice, chimney stacks, copings, cappings and much more! Being the designers friend we can produce whatever decorative unit that is required.